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Winches provide a safe method for securing cargo on truck flat beds, utility trucks and other vehicles. Winches are available in a wide variety of styles for use with either 2”, 3” or 4” wide straps.

Weld On Winch Portable Winch Sliding Winch Low Profile Winch Lashing Winch
Weld On

Weld-on winches are designed to be permanently mounted to the bottom side of the truck frame. Holds up to 30’ of webbing.


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2 locking screws allow the portable winches to be placed and secured anywhere along the side-rail of the trailer.


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Sliding winches can be located anywhere along the length of the slide track and will lock into position when tension is applied to the strap assembly.


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Low Profile

Built to the same rugged specifications as the weld-on winches, low profile winches are for side mount applications only.


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Versatile lashing winches may be bolted or welded in place and will accept 2” wide strap up to 5’ long.


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For safe operation, all winches should be installed with the ratchet pawl on top of the ratchet wheel so that the pawl drops into the ratchet wheel by gravity. Use a winch bar when tightening or loosening winches. Never let go of a winch bar without checking that the pawl has fully engaged a ratchet wheel tooth.

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