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What Does It Mean to Be ISO 9001 Certified?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a group that works in partnership with standards institutes to help develop standards for both technology and products. When these standards are put in place, we find that products are safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

ISO 9001 and Quality Management Systems

When an organization receives ISO 9001 certification, it denotes that they have met the requirements of a Quality Management System (QMS). Quality Management Systems must meet a set of requirements to continually improve their function. The system must:

  • Determine the processes needed for the QMS
  • Determine process sequence and interaction
  • Determine criteria and methods for process operation and control
  • Ensure resources and supporting information are available
  • Monitor, measure where applicable, and analyze these processes
  • Implement actions to achieve planned results and continual process improvement

ISO 9001 is an assessment of your Quality Management System regarding how appropriate and effective it is. The certification forces you to identify and implement possible improvements. As ISO 9001 Certification promotes improvement, consumers reap the benefits of continually improving products and services that meet the appropriate requirements for consistency in quality.  To maintain ISO certification, companies must be regularly audited by an independent certifying company.

How Our Certification Benefits You

Receiving ISO 9001 certification means whether a sling is made in Jacksonville or Miami, it will have the same consistent quality.  It means that problems are tracked so that they don’t happen in the future.  It means our team receives continual, documented training and development so that you always receive knowledgeable, capable service.  And it means regardless of which Certified Slings & Supply® Service Center provides whichever products, services, or training you need, you can be confident that what your team receives will be best in class—every single time.

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