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Top Tips for Rigging Equipment Safety

Rigging, like anything else in the construction industry, requires a strong sense of risk assessment and risk reduction. Following safety guidelines, however, reduces the chances of employee injuries or fatalities. Never get complacent or forget your training. The right tools are always key. This is especially true when you must rig heavy equipment to lift and move objects. Here are a few ways employees can stay safe when rigging equipment.

Qualifications Speak Louder Than Words

Just because someone says they know what they are doing, don’t just take their word for it. Only assign qualified, fully trained individuals for the task at hand. The safety of everyone on a work site is dependent on this individual, so choose wisely. Best practices for rigging equipment exist for a reason and when you combine the right tools and experience you can increase the likelihood of everyone working safely.

Watch the Weather When You Rig

You hear it on the news. Weather-related accidents and fatalities from construction sites that cut corners and put workers at risk by failing to adhere to safety best practices within the industry. Experienced riggers understand the risks of inclement weather and should always side with caution. Windy elements are especially dangerous. The bottom line is never rig in severe weather. It just makes zero sense.

Common weather-related rigging challenges include:

  • Loads becoming unstable or slipping in icy or frozen weather
  • Decreased visibility in rain and snow
  • The ability of an experienced rigger to make the right call on whether or not a job is safe

Inspect, Repair, and Replace Defects

Regularly inspect rigging equipment especially while setting up. Report any defects immediately and replace parts as needed. Safely setting up a rig and identifying potential problems before you start can prevent accidents such as:

  • Broken rope
  • Load slippage
  • Hardware component failure

Just remember safety should always be the top priority on any job site, especially one that is utilizing a rig. Always take into consideration the weather, equipment, and experience of the person responsible for the rig. Proactivity yields positive results and can help save lives and prevent injuries.

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