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The Importance of Fall Protection

The Importance of Fall Protection

By this point, most of us know that falls are the leading cause of death in construction and the #1 cited OSHA violation.  What we may not know is that effective August 1, 2016, OSHA’s maximum penalties went up for the first time since 1990—and boy, are they up, growing by a whopping 78%.

OSHA fines are never a good thing, but someone losing his or her life in a preventable fall is unimaginably horrifying.  We all care about our teams and want everyone to go home safely at the end of the work day.  It’s why we invest in barriers, hand rails, lifelines, and harnesses.  But giving our team the tools they need is only half the battle.  Without proper training, your team can make innocent but critical mistakes that endanger themselves and those around them.

We don’t have to fall far to be seriously injured: OSHA requires fall protection at six feet in construction, four feet in general industry.  So just what kind of fall protection do you need?  What length of lanyard should you choose, and what can you tie off to?  How can you tell if a harness is still in good shape and safe to use?

Get Educated

When choosing a fall protection course, look at the course length and description.  A competent person class or higher needs to incorporate hands-on climbing time as well as classroom learning.  Make sure your team will actually handle and use the types of equipment discussed and be able to inspect it before use.  If possible, tour the facility.  Are there different types of climbing structures to mimic different jobsites?  Are there enough harnesses for each person to wear one at the same time, or will your staff sit around waiting on the clock for their turn to learn?  Ask for the certifications of the trainer and what company certified him or her.  Take the time to make sure your team is getting the best education possible so they can work safely.

Call the Experts

The risks are too high to leave safety to chance.  Certified Slings & Supply® has partnered with 3M Fall Protection, formerly Capital Safety and makers of the DBI/Sala and Protecta fall protection products.  The training we offer includes Qualified Person, Confined Space Entrant/Supervisor, Competent Person/Trainer, Authorized Person, Equipment Inspector, Competent Tower Rescuer, Competent Industrial Rescuer, and many refresher courses.  Your team will get hands-on training and hours of climbing, rescuing, and inspecting time in addition to learning about regulations, identifying hazards, and more.  Classes can also be customized to your needs.

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