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Slingmax® T&D Ultra-Flex™ Wire Rope Slings

Slingmax Rigging SolutionsSlingmax T&D Ultra-Flex Wire Rope Slings

US Patent #5,561,973

The Slingmax T&D Ultra-Flex Wire Rope Sling is an extremely flexible product with great applications for general rigging purposes in the transportation and distribution industry. It makes a fantastic choker sling especially when setting or removing utility poles. Development was through a committee composed of utility company workers and members of the Slingmax® design team. Actual field testing was used to determine merits of the final product.

T&D Ultra-Flex™ Slings Technical Chart

Component Wire Rope (in.) CSI Ref. # Standard Eye Size (in.) Finished Diameter (in.) Vertical Rated Capacity (tons) Choker Rated Capacity (tons) Basket Rated Capacity (tons) Weight Per Ft. (lbs.)
5/32 CS-04-2463 10 5/8 1.7 1.3 3.4 0.4
3/16 CS-04-2464 12 3/4 2.6 1.9 5.2 0.59
7/32 CS-04-2465 14 7/8 3.5 2.6 7 0.77
1/4 CS-04-2466 16 1 4.6 3.4 9.2 0.99
5/16 CS-04-2467 18 1-1/4 7 5.2 14 1.56
3/8 CS-04-2468 20 1-1/2 10 7.5 20 2.19


NOTE: Vertical rated capacity is based on 5:1 Design Factor, EIP, IWRC or GAC.

Bending radius of the sling body is 5:1 where D is the Pin or Load and d is the sling body.

D/d of loops: 1:1 where D is the pin and d is the sling body diameter.

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Warning: Follow OSHA, ANSI B30.9 and Manufacturer’s Guidelines. Can fail if damaged, misused or overloaded. Inspect before use. Use only if trained. Do not exceed rated capacity. Protect sling from contact with edges. DEATH or INJURY can occur from improper use or maintenance.

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