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Misc. Safety Products

DBI Sala

DBI Sala Large Boatswain’s Chair

Large Boatswain’s Chair

With Belt & Floating D-Ring

Mfg. # Dims. CSI Ref. #
1001134 12”x24”x1” CS-09-2039
DBI Sala Boatswain’s Chair

Boatswain’s Chair

With Cushion & Side Snaps; 12″X24″X1″ Board

Mfg. # CSI Ref. #
1001190 CS-09-2040
DBI Sala Wire Rope Sling

Wire Rope Sling

6′ x 1/4″ galvanized coated cable with 2 rings

Mfg. # CSI Ref. #
AJ47406 CS-09-2041
DBI Sala Fisk Descender

Fisk Descender

with Instruction Brochure and Video

Mfg. # CSI Ref. #
2103189 CS-09-2045
DBI Sala Basic Tongue Buckle Belt

Basic Tongue Buckle Belt

Size Mfg. # CSI Ref. #
L 1000054 CS-09-2043
X-L 1000055 CS-09-2044
DBI Sala ProtectaDBI Sala 6in Web Sling

6′ Web Sling

Mfg. # CSI Ref. #
AJ450A6 CS-09-2042
DBI Sala i-Safe Retrofit Tags

i-Safe™ Retrofit Tags (6-Pack)

Mfg. # CSI Ref. #
9502059 CS-09-2046
DBI Sala i-Safe PDA

i-Safe™ PDA

Mfg. # CSI Ref. #
96000038 CS-09-2047

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