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Web Sling and Roundsling Capacities

Web Sling Identification


Sling Type:
Sling Type

Roundsling Identification


Sling Number: 1-13
Sling numbers are for reference only, some roundslings have different ratings.

Sling Color: purple, green, yellow, gray, red, brown, blue, dark green and orange. Sling color is not followed by all manufacturers and some colors have more than one rated load.

Folding, bunching or pinching of synthetic slings, which occurs when used with shackles, hooks or other application will reduce the rated load.

Avoid Folding or Bunching

Choker CapacityChoker Capacity

A choker hitch has 80% of the capacity of a single leg sling only if the angle of choke is 120 degrees or greater. A choke angle less than 120 degrees will result in a capacity as low as 40% of the single leg.

Basket Hitch CapacityBasket Hitch Capacity

A true basket hitch has twice the capacity of a single leg only if the legs are vertical.

Horizontal Capacity % of Angle Single Leg
90 200%
60 170%
45 140%
30 100%

Multiple Leg Slings

Triple leg slings have 50% more capacity than double leg slings (at same sling angle) only if the center of gravity is in center of connection points and legs are adjusted properly (they must have an equal share of the load).

Quad (4 leg) slings offer improved stability but provide increased capacity only if all legs share an equal share of the load.

Never place a synthetic sling eye over a fitting with a diameter or width greater than one third the length of the eve.

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