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Block Selection and Application Guide

Risk Management

Comprehensive set of actions that reduces the risk of a problem, a failure, an accident

You Need:

  • Product knowledge
  • Application knowledge
  • Manufacturer of known capability
  • Products that are clearly identified with the following:
    1. Manufacturer’s name and logo
    2. Load rating or size that references ratings
    3. Traceability code

A Good Risk Management Program Recognizes

  • Performance requirements include the following:
    1. Load rated products
    2. Quenched and tempered
    3. Ability to deform when overloaded
    4. Ability to withstand real world loading in day to day use, toughness

Mechanical Advantage and Total LoadMechanical Advantage and Total Load

Mechanical advantage is the leverage gained by a multiple part block. Must have a traveling block to have mechanical advantage. The theoretical advantage is equal to the number of parts of line supporting the traveling block.

True Mechanical Advantage Number of
Line Parts
Advantage for
Bronze Bushing
Advantage for
Anti Friction
5.16 5.60 6
5.90 6.47 7
6.60 7.32 8
7.27 8.16 9
7.91 8.98 10
8.52 9.79 11
9.11 10.60 12

Total Load

The total load placed on the block and its end fitting determines the working load limit required.

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