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Knowing Your Wire Rope Sockets

Wire rope sockets are termination components that are permanently fixed to the ends of wire rope as part of an anchoring system. They are integral anywhere wire rope is used for support or movement such as suspension bridge, roof, and oil rig construction scenarios that require rigging tow ropes, anchor ropes, and cables.

There are many different types of wire rope sockets, some of them specific to a particular kind of job or application, others designed to match certain sizes or types of wire rope. It’s especially important to match the socket to the rope correctly when replacing components.

Major Types of Wire Rope Sockets

The most common types of wire rope sockets include:

  • Open and Closed SocketsMost wire rope sockets come in open or closed varieties. Open sockets have a pin or bolt to accommodate a hook block or other type of fitting. Closed sockets form a hole designed to accept a pin or bolt.
  • Swaged Sockets This type of socket is mechanically pressed onto wire rope using special dies. They are resistant to wire fatigue and breakage at 100% of the rope’s strength but must be professionally crimped and secured with the correct size dies.
  • Spelter or Poured SocketsSpelter, also known as poured sockets, attach onto the end of a wire rope cable with molten zinc or resin. Once it hardens, the socket stays firmly welded onto the end of the cable. These are one of the most efficient types of wire rope end attachments with close to 100% efficiency.
  • Wedge Sockets – Wedge sockets secure the rope to the end attachment by passing it around a grooved and wedge-shaped piece of steel. This type of socket is popular because it can be installed and adjusted in the field, providing 80% efficiency. Wedge sockets are common for construction and mining applications where the wire rope may be subjected to high stress and abrasion.

Wire rope and termination sockets are an essential component of construction and mechanical systems that require tension or support. As long as they are matched correctly to the size and material of wire rope and professionally installed, they form part of a strong mechanism for lifting, hauling, and supporting heavy loads.

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