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The Tree Hugger™

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The Tree Hugger

  • Designed to protect your winch line from girdling the bark off nature’s tree trunks or fraying your synthetic winch line during off-road vehicle recovery
  • Made from 3 inch wide 100% polyester neon orange webbing
  • Minimum breaking strength of 58,000 lbs
  • Comes with a tough Cordura® jacket for added protection to the strap
  • Includes a duffle bag and velcro strap
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The eyelets have been reduced for easily attaching a joining shackle or hook.

Each Tree Hugger™ is made in the USA and has a stitched-in label, giving you breaking strength and safety information.

Part # Size Breaking Strength
176006OR 6′ 58,000 lbs
176000OR 10′ 58,000 lbs
176016OR 16′ 58,000 lbs

The Tree Hugger in use
Tree Hugger Specification Label

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