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Slingmax® Twin-Path® Two-Leg Bridles

Slingmax Rigging SolutionsSlingmax Twin-Path Two-Leg Bridles

TL Simply the lightest and strongest synthetic bridles in the world today. These are perfect to replace existing chain and wire rope bridles. The Slingmax Twin-Path® synthetic bridle with K-Spec® core yarn is less than half the weight of any steel assembly. The soft eye at the top goes on the crane hook and there is no heavy steel ring to deal with. If you need a four-leg bridle, order two Twin-Path® Two-Leg Bridles.

Mfg. # CSI Ref. # Vertical
TPXCTL 1,000 CS-04-2353 10,000 8,500 0.34 3
TPXCTL 1,500 CS-04-2354 15,000 12,750 0.44 3
TPXCTL 2,000 CS-04-2355 20,000 17,000 0.61 3
TPXCTL 3,000 CS-04-2356 30,000 25,500 0.88 4
TPXCTL 4,000 CS-04-2357 40,000 34,000 1.23 5
TPXCTL 5,000 CS-04-2358 50,000 42,500 1.65 5

Warning: Sling can fail if damaged, misused or overloaded. Inspect before use. Damaged sling shall not be used. Use only if trained. Do not exceed rated capacity. Protect sling from being cut by load edges, corners, protrusions and abrasive surfaces. Avoid exposure to acid, alkali and temperatures over 180°F. DEATH or INJURY can occur from improper use or maintenance.

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