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Slingmax® Slings

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Slingmax Slings
Which Sling would you use to lift 50 tons?

Each sling has a rated capacity of 50 tons! Each sling is the same length!
The Slingmax Twin-Path® Extra sling is 1/10 the weight of the wire rope sling!

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Guess which sling requires less effort to rig, has less chance of causing injury, is easiest to transport and store, and costs less to use?

If you guessed the Slingmax sling, you’d be correct. Slingmax slings are the most well thought out slings in the industry. Their light weight technology allows them to be easily maneuvered and handled on the job, making rigging a breeze. They are also incredibly strong and rugged, which has lead them to become the most trusted brand in lifting equipment.

Slingmax slings are built to withstand the same loads as their competitors, but do it in a lightweight, dependable manner that is unmatched by competitors. Slingmax Rigging Solutions is known for supplying the best quality synthetic slings in the industry and standing by every product they make.

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We are One of the Largest Manufacturers
of Slingmax® Slings In The Southeast United States!

The Most Trusted and Respected Company in Rigging and Overhead Lifting.

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