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Slingmax® G-Link™ Synthetic Sling Connector

Slingmax Rigging Solutions

US Patent #5,651,573; CN #2,198,821; Italy #97302680.0; Japan #Hei9-94730; Australia #710067

Product Features:

Slingmax G-Link Synthetic Sling Connector
  • Couples web, round or Twin-Path® slings with hardware (oblongs or hooks).
  • Splices two slings into longer length.
  • Connects two slings with oblong and two hooks into bridle sling.
  • Slingmax G-Link allows sling to be used as sliding choker sling.
  • Two Slingmax G-Link™ connectors used together will double the rated capacity of one G-Link™ connector.
  • Conforms with ASME B30.9 web and round sling specifications.
  • Shortens sling reach.


Mfg. # CSI Ref. # Vert. Rated Cap. (tons) Choker Rated Cap. (tons) Sling Size (in.) Weight (lbs.)
SC200L CS-04-2469 2-1/2 2 2 2
SC300L CS-04-2470 5 3 3 3-1/2
SC400L CS-04-2471 7-1/2 4 4 7
SC500L CS-04-2472 15 8 5 15
SC600L CS-04-2473 25 12 6 29

Use G-Link to Shorten Slings
Shorten Slings

Use G-Link to Connect a Hook or Oblong to a Sling
Connect Hook or
Oblong to Sling

G-Link as a Choker
Choker Sling

G-Link Connecting Two Slings
Connect Two Slings

Warning: Can fail if damaged, misused or overloaded. Inspect before use. Use only if trained. Observe rated capacity. DEATH or INJURY can occur from improper use or maintenance.

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