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Twin-Path® roundslings are made with the Slingmax® Covermax® Cover.  The Covermax® Cover is made with a heavy-duty, double-layer industrial nylon material.  The outside cover is green and the inside cover is red.  If damage on the green cover allows red to show through, return the sling for factory inspection and repair.  This cover has been tested to provide the best ultraviolet (UV) protection and the best abrasion protection on any commercially-available synthetic lifting sling.

Below are summary charts of the cover tests.

Round Sling Cover Abrasion Test Results

DBL Orange Poly

CoverMax® Green

DBL Purple Poly

DBL Black Poly

DBL Gray Poly

DBL Red Poly

DBL Green Poly

DBL Yellow Poly

DBL Brown Poly

DBL Blue Poly

All Repairable

Three Early Warnings:

  1. CoverMax® covers can be repaired. Over 99% of Twin-Path® slings stay in service.
  2. Fiber optics can be replaced if damaged.
  3. The Check-Fast® System and overload tell-tails can be reset or replaced to keep your Twin-Path® sling in service.

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