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Slingmax® CornerMax® Pads

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Engineered Cut Protection

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CornerMax® Pads are one of the engineered cut protection options developed by Slingmax® Rigging Solutions.  The CornerMax® Pad is designed to be used on loads that have a 90 degree straight edge.  The pad creates a “tunnel” of cut protection known as the “no-touch zone”.  The edge of the load does not come in contact with the pad or sling, thus protecting the sling.  Note that the sides of the load must completely support the pads in order to create and maintain the “tunnel”. CornerMax® Pads have a rated working load limit of 25,000 pounds per inch (4464kg per cm) of sling width.

Correct use of the CornerMax Pad Incorrect use of the CornerMax Pad
Correct use of the CornerMax Pad Incorrect use of the CornerMax Pad
Mfg. # CSI Ref. # Sling
CRNMX02 CS-04-2313 1 & 2 4 1
CRNMX03 CS-04-2314 3 5 1.25
CRNMX04 CS-04-2315 4 6 1.5
CRNMX05 CS-04-2316 5 8 2
CRNMX06 CS-04-2317 6 8 2
CRNMX08 CS-04-2318 8 10 2.5
CRNMX10 CS-04-2319 10 12 3
CRNMX12 CS-04-2320 12 16 5.5
CRNMX14 CS-04-2321 14 18 6.5

NOTE: All CornerMax® pads are approximately 9 inches in length unless otherwise specified.


CornerMax Pads CornerMax Pads in use
CornerMax Pads in use CornerMax Pads in use

Warning: Damaged or misused sling protection can result in damage or sling failure. Inspect before each use. Inspect for cuts, tears or damage that may prevent protection of the sling. Ensure protection is the correct size and type to protect the sling. Prevent pads and sling from slipping or sliding across load edge. DEATH or INJURY can occur from improper use, maintenance and/or inspection. MAXIMUM LOADING: Do NOT exceed 25,000 lbs. per inch of sling width.

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