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Optional Pull Pin Shackles
HS2804 4 23,000 PPS-4 4 3.75 3.2
HS2806 6 32,600 PPS-6 6 4.75 6.8
HS2808 8 38,400 PPS-6HD 6 4.75 9.8
HS2810 10 44,800 PPS-6HD 6 4.75 9.8
HS2812 12 48,000/53,8002 PPS-6HD2 6 4.75 9.8

1. Capacity in lbs. is the rating of one sling in a vertical basket hitch.
2. Derate sling to 48,000 when used with 6″ HD Shackle (PPS-6HD)

WARNING: Do not exceed rated capacities. Boat sling capacity decreases as the angle from horizontal decreases. Slings should not be used at angles of less than 30°.

Hull Saver Boat Slings


Lifting eyes can be tapered to accommodate hardware. Specify finished width.

Extra Eye

Extra lifting eyes for shortening slings to lift smaller craft.


Special wear resistant webbing applied to sling edges to help protect the sling from abrasion.

Quick Disconnect Pin

A. This reusable pin is necessary for Quick Disconnect operation.

B. Pin is galvanized for corrosion resistance.

C. GAC wire with retaining clip holds pin in place.

Quick Disconnect

A. Saves time needed to lower the lift for removing slings from the hooks.

B. Available for Single ply, 6 inch or wider only.

C. Protective flap to cover pin is standard.

Keel Pad

A. Helps protect the sling from abrasion and cutting.

B. Sliding sleeve style allows sling to adjust to center point without scraping along keel.

C. May be sewn to center of sling.

D. Pad uses the same webbing as the sling.

E. Standard length of 48”.

Weights for Keel Pad

Lead weights allow for speedy submersion of slings.

Chine Pads

A. Helps to protect boat chines and rub rails and the sling from abrasion damage.

B. Sliding pad can be positioned to accommodate any size and style of boat.

C. May be sewn to sling per your specification.

D. Pad uses the same webbing as the sling.

E. Standard length of 48”.


Low stretch polyester webbing is standard because it helps to reduce chine marring. Nylon webbing is available, but will stretch about 50% more than polyester and should not be used near acids.

Exclusive HS Polymer Treatment

This treatment can be applied to Hull-Saver slings to help extend sling life.

Pull Pin Shackles

A. Promotes sling life by protecting eyes of sling.

B. Easier attachment of sling to lifting hook.

C. Galvanized steel for corrosion resistance.

D. Reusable.

We manufacture all types and sizes of boat slings.
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