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Nicopress Hand Swagers

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Nicopress Hand Swagers No. 32-VC: VG Tool

No. 32-VC: VG Tool

A small hand tool with two sleeves pressing grooves in the head. It is used for splicing with Nicopress Oval and Stop Sleeves having “C” or “G” letters in their stock numbers.

Nicopress Hand Swagers No. 51No. 51

Each tool has a single sleeve pressing groove for the size of cable. Range accommodated – 3/64” through 7/32”.

Nicopress Hand Swagers No. 63 & 64No. 63 & 64

These are multiple sleeve-pressing groove hand tools. The No. 63V-XPM has three grooves and is used only with Oval Sleeves. For cable sizes 1/8”, 5/32” and 3/16”.


The No. 64-CGMP has four grooves and is used for Oval Sleeves in the range of cable sizes from 1/16” through 5/32”. The ”e” groove is also used for the No. 87I-I-C Stop Sleeve.

Mfg. # CSI Ref. # Length (in.) Weight (lbs.)
32-VC CS-07-1714 11.5 2.5
51 CS-07-1715 18.25 5.25
63 CS-07-1716 20 6
64 CS-07-1717 20 6

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