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Premium Oil Only Sorbents

  • Use indoors/outdoors.
  • Absorbs up to 16 times its own weight
  • Oil Only Sorbents float, absorbing oil and other hydrocarbons while repelling water.
  • Premium Oil Only products contain small micron diameter fibers which provide greater liquid retention and strength.
  • Premium Sorbents are extremely durable and long lasting.
Mfg. # CSI Ref. # W (in.) L (ft.) Description
M-30 CS-12-2264 3 4 15/pk Blue Sorbent Sock
M-50 CS-12-2265 8 10 4/pk Blue Sorbent Boom
M-55 CS-12-2266 5 10 4/pk Blue Sorbent Double Weight Pad
M-78 CS-12-2267 32 36 50/pk Blue Sorbent Pad
M-90 CS-12-2268 32 150 Blue Sorbent Roll

Premium Oil Only Sock Sorbents
Premium Oil Only Spill Kits

Economy Oil-Only Sorbents

  • Made with large, coarse fibers, our economy oil-only sorbents are a fast-acting economical alternative.
  • Ideal for emergency spill clean-up on water
  • Will not absorb water based liquids.
Mfg. # CSI Ref. # Dim. (in.) Description
Z-70 CS-12-2262 16 x 18 200/pk White Sorbent Pad
Z-90 CS-12-2263 38 x 144 White Sorbent Pad
Economy Oil-Only Sorbents - Pads

KOLOR SAFE® Neutralizers for Acid Spills

  • Takes the guess work out of neutralization through a unique three color change process, which signals when neutralization is complete.
  • Hazardous spills must be neutralized for safe clean up and disposal.
Dry Acid Neutralizers Liquid Acid Neutralizers

Classifier Strips

  • Assists in identifying unknown spills that occur in the work environment, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Strips quickly indicate the possible presence of a variety of chemicals in unknown liquids utilizing an easy-to-follow color classifier chart.

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