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The most versatile corrosion preventive and lubricant product line. Unique wool-wax base formulations applied where other products do not last or do not work at all.

Size CSI Ref. #
11.75 oz. CS-12-2255
1 Gal. CS-12-2256
5 Gal. CS-12-2257


Jet-Lube Jet-Lube KOPR-KOTE Drill Joint and Tool Joint Compound


Size CSI Ref. #
1 Gal. CS-12-2258
2 Gal. CS-12-2259
5 Gal. CS-12-2260

Drill Joint and Tool Joint Compound
KOPR-KOTE Drill Collar and Tool Joint Compound is a high performance product for drilling, production and maintenance applications. It contains premium grade copper flake, amorphous graphite, CZ-EX® (JET-LUBE’s patented extreme pressure additive), rust and corrosion inhibitors, and other special purpose ingredients. KOPR-KOTE is also the preferred lubricant for jackup rig leg racks and pinions through its combination of water resistance, extreme pressure resistance, tackiness, and suitability to both manual and automatic application. KOPR-KOTE assures proper drill floor makeup and prevents additional makeup downhole. It prevents galling and seizure and allows easy breakout.

Jet-Lube Drill Pipe Compound

JLS® (JET-LUBE Special)

Size CSI Ref. #
2 Gal. CS-12-2261

Drill Pipe Compound
JET-LUBE’s most economical drill pipe compound. Designed from the same materials as KOPR-KOTE and JET-LUBE 21 for use in light to medium drilling conditions in sandy formations. Excellent for use where a lighter duty drill pipe compound will provide adequate protection and performance. Lead-free and environmentally safe.

Service Rating: 0°F to 450°F-18°C to 232°C

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