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Geojute® Stabilizer Fabrics


Rapid Breakdown – Will Not Damage Rotary Mowers
Erosion control fabric blanket used on slopes of 3:1 works well on clay and sandy soils. It’s a cost effective all natural alternative to straw/wood fiber blankets!

Eco-Jute - Sandy Soils with - 3:1 Slopes Eco-Jute Typical Properties

GeojuteGeojute Stabilizer® Fabrics

  1. Used to line geocoir fabrics to prevent transportation of fines through the coir fabric in soil bioengineering applications.
    Geojute Stabilizer
  2. Biodegradable geotextile separator fabric — for temporary roads/paths — logging roads.
  3. Wide width erosion control blanket roll size: 12.5′ Wide x 100′ long coverage: 1,250 square feet.
Geojute Stabilizer - Biodegradable Geotextile Wide Width Erosion Control Blanket - 2:1 Slopes

All Belton Industries, Inc. Geojute® Fabrics have been tested by independent laboratories. These findings are available in detail at All of our products can be certified 100% natural and free of any environmentally undesirable substances.

Geojute Stabilizer Typical Properties

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