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Synthetic Sling Inspection Criteria

Acid Damage

Heat Damage


Cut & Tensile Damage

Abrasion Damage

Face Cuts

Punctures & Snags

Tensile Break

Illegible or Missing Tag

Inspection Criteria for Synthetic Web Slings

Refer to illustrations of damaged webbing. Remove from service if any of the following is visible:

  • Capacity tag is missing or illegible
  • Sling shows signs of melting, charring or chemical damage
  • End fittings are excessively pitted, corroded, distorted, cracked or broken
  • Cuts on the face or edge of webbing
  • Holes, tears, snags or crushed web
  • Signs of excessive abrasive wear
  • Broken or worn threads in the stitch patterns
  • Any other visible damage which causes doubt as to its strength

Examples of Web Sling Abuse

Most of the damage shown here would cause immediate catastrophic failure of the sling. Not all of the damage you will see will be this obvious or extreme, but still requires removal from use.

Elasticity – The stretch characteristics of web slings depends on the type of yarn and the web finish. Approximate stretch at RATED SLING CAPACITY is:

Treated 10% Treated 7%
Untreated 6% Untreated 3%

Environmental Considerations

  • Nylon and polyester are seriously degraded at temperatures above 194°F (90°C).
  • Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light adversely affects nylon and polyester. Slings become bleached and stiff when exposed to sunlight or arc welding.
  • Many chemicals have an adverse effect on nylon and polyester. See Chemical chart below.
Chemical Environment Data

General guide only. For specific temperature, concentration and time factors, please consult Certified Slings & Supply® prior to purchasing or use.

Chemical OK
Nylon Polyester
Acids *
Strong Alkalis **
Bleaching Agents
Dry Cleaning Solvents
Halogenated Hydro-Carbons
Oils Crude
Oils Lubricating
Soap & Detergents
Water & Seawater
Weak Alkalis

* Disintegrated by concentrated sulfuric acid.

** Degraded by strong alkalis at elevated temperatures.

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