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“MH” Heavy-Duty Mining Buckets

The Type “MH” tri-tapered design offers the ultimate in production in heavy-duty operations. Rugged in construction and featuring the use of high-strength alloy steel for maximum strength and resistance to wear, the type “MH” is unsurpassed for performance.


Excavator Buckets



WB Bucket Hensley Bucket

We carry a full line of replacement parts for your needs.

Dragline Buckets Parts Identification

Symbol Part Name
BTP Trunion Link Pin-bottom
SB Spreader Bar Complete w/Pins
SBP Spreader Bar Pin w/Nut-threaded
SBPN Spreader Bar Pin Nut Only
SBE Spreader Bar End Casting
HA Hood Angle
HAP Hood Angle Pin w/Nut-threaded
HAPN Hood Angle Pin Nut Only
ADSU Arch Dump Socket w/Wedge (Universal Type)
ADSW Arch Dump Socket Wedge Only
AU Arch Universal Joint
HAP Arch Universal Pin And Nut (Same As Hood Angle Pin)
RBBC Repl. Bucket Bottom Complete: (with Bottom Runners, Corner Wear Plates, Bottom Runner Shoes and Corner Wear Plate Shoes welded on as these items are applicable to the bucket type covered. All bottoms shipped complete unless otherwise specified.)
RBB Repl. Bucket Bottom Only
RR Repl. Bottom Runner
S Repl. Bottom Runner Shoe
CWP Corner Wear Plate*
HPS Corner Wear Plate Shoe*
DB Dump Block Complete

Universal Type Dump Block – 20” through 26”

Universal Type Dump Block - 20” through 26”

Symbol Part Name
TP Tooth Point w/Keeper
TPB Tooth Point Bolt Only
TPW Tooth Point Wedge Only
OC Drag Chain
RL Repair Link For Drag Chain
EL End Link For Drag Chain
HCT Hoist Chain-Top Section
HCB Hoist Chain-Bottom Section
RL Repair Link For Hoist Chain
EL End Link For Hoist Chain
DH 3-way Drag Hitch Complete
DHW 3-way Drag Hitch Wedge Only
DHP 3-way Drag Hitch Pin Only
DRSW Dump Rope Socket Wedge Only
LC Lip-alloy Steel Complete With Tooth Bases And Points
LMC Lip-manganese Steel With Tooth Bases And Points
RTB Repl. Tooth Base
RHP Repl. Hitch Plate End Only*
RTE Repl. Trunion End Only*
DHS Drag Hitch Shackle
HPP Hitch Plate Pin w/Nut-threaded
HPPN Hitch Plate Pin Nut Only
HPC Hitch Plate Protector Cup
TL Trunion Link Complete w/Pins
TTP Trunion Link Pin w/Nut- Top-threaded
TTPN Trunion Link Pin Nut Only-top

* Specify whether right or left hand when standing facing front of bucket.

Symbol Part Name Size 20″
Mfg. # CSI Ref. #
DB* Dump Block, universal type, all manganese U20DB CS-10-2048
DBS Dump Block Sheave, manganese complete with needle bearings 20DBS CS-10-2049
NB Anti-Friction Needle Bearings, complete with inner and outer races and grease seals 20NB CS-10-2050
DBB Dump Block Bolt 20DBB CS-10-2051
UDBH Housing-Universal Type (pair), manganese U20DBH CS-10-2052
U Universal 20U CS-10-2053
UP&N Universal Pin with nut U20P&N CS-10-2054
SN Universal Pin Nut (only) 2SN CS-10-2055
HRS* Hoist Rope Socket with wedge L20HRS CS-10-2056
HRSW* Hoist Rope Socket Wedge (only) L20HRSW CS-10-2057
UHS Hoist Shackle U20HS CS-10-2058
SP&N Hoist Shackle Pin with nut S20P&N CS-10-2059
SN Hoist Shackle Pin Nut (only) 2SN CS-10-2060
Symbol Size 22″ Size 24″ Size 26″
Mfg. # CSI Ref. # Mfg. # CSI Ref. # Mfg. # CSI Ref. #
DB* U22DB CS-10-2061 U24DB CS-10-2074 U26DB CS-10-2087
DBS 22DBS CS-10-2062 24DBS CS-10-2075 26DBS CS-10-2088
NB 22NB CS-10-2063 24NB CS-10-2076 26NB CS-10-2089
DBB 22DBB CS-10-2064 24DBB CS-10-2077 26DBB CS-10-2090
UDBH U22DBH CS-10-2065 U24DBH CS-10-2078 U26DBH CS-10-2091
U 22U CS-10-2066 24U CS-10-2079 26U CS-10-2092
UP&N U22P&N CS-10-2067 U24P&N CS-10-2080 U26P&N CS-10-2093
SN 2SN CS-10-2068 212SN CS-10-2081 212SN CS-10-2094
HRS* L22HRS CS-10-2069 L24HRS CS-10-2082 L26HRS CS-10-2095
HRSW* L22HRSW CS-10-2070 L24HRSW CS-10-2083 L26HRSW CS-10-2096
UHS U22HS CS-10-2071 U24HS CS-10-2084 U26HS CS-10-2097
SP&N S22P&N CS-10-2072 S24P&N CS-10-2085 S26P&N CS-10-2098
SN 2SN CS-10-2073 212SN CS-10-2086 212SN CS-10-2099

* Specify Hoist Cable Size.

Dump Block Housing Bolts Required

Dump Block Size Number Required Machine Bolt Size (in.) Dump Block Size Number Required Machine Bolt Size (in.)
20″ 2 7/8 x 3-1/4 24″ 2 1 x 4
1 7/8 x 7 1 1 x 8
22″ 2 7/8 x 3-1/2 26″ 2 1 x 4
1 7/8 x 7 1 1 x 8-1/2

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