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Hensley® Bucket Teeth Replacements

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O.E.M. Replacement Teeth


Hensley replacement teeth are cast to fit perfectly on O.E.M. adapters. Hensley replacements match or surpass original teeth in strength, efficiency and reliability. Their design utilizes natural wear to sharpen the point. This self-sharpening feature affords “like new” penetration throughout the life of the wear point. Hensley markets over 1,500 styles of teeth and adapters as replacements for all major manufacturers.

Loader & Backhoe Tooth Styles

Hensley Loader & Backhoe Tooth Styles

Adapter Styles

Weld-On Flush-Mount Adapter Weld-On 1-1/4 Leg Adapter Weld-On 1-1/2 Leg (wrap-around) Weld-On 2 Leg (wrap-around) Adapter
Bolt-On Center Adapter Bolt-On Center Adapter Bolt-On Corner Adapter Stake-Type Adapter

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