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How to Secure Your Trees Before a Hurricane

Every year, Florida is threatened by hurricanes and tropical storms. Such extreme weather conditions can often cause trees to uproot—resulting in significant damage to the landscapes of businesses and residential Tree Anchorhomes. To prevent the trees on your property from becoming airborne projectiles during hurricane-force winds, you can secure them with tree support systems.

What Is a Tree Support System?

Consisting of a system of cables, braces, and anchors, tree support systems provide reinforcement to trees that can easily topple over during a storm. While removal is recommended for trees that show visible signs of rot or termite damage, tree support systems can help structurally weak trees that possess the following characteristics:

  • Heavy, overextended limbs
  • Horizonal- or downward-growing limbs
  • Presence of codominant stems or “v-crotches”
  • Compromised root systems
  • Shallow soil
  • Trees that have been replanted

What Do Tree Support Systems Do?

Versatile and easy to install, tree support systems can support whole trees or single branches. Their anchors work like a toggle bolt in soil and can be used for countless applications, but are ideal for trees and bushes in landscapes, orchards, and nurseries. Lightweight and economical tree support systems such as DUCKBILL Tree Anchor Support Kits offer effective tree anchoring solutions. Useful in light- to medium-duty holding capacities, they can be cabled with a variety of tendons to help:

  • Lock trees into position with a secure hold without disturbing the soil
  • Train trees to grow in the direction you desire such as away from your building or a neighboring structure
  • Provide your property with a more consistent aesthetic by evenly balancing trees to promote symmetrical growth
  • Prevent property damage and bodily injury from falling branches or uprooted trees

Professional Tree Support Solutions

Trees will grow unpredictably if not maintained and conditioned. If any trees on your property are unsafe or growing the wrong way, then you should invest in a professional tree support system from Certified Slings and Supply®. Doing so can help reduce your risk of property damage and costly repairs due to structurally weak trees. To learn more about our high quality products, give us a call today at 1-800-486-5542.

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