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Give the Gift of Bubba Rope for the Holidays

Know a friend or family member who likes to off-road with their truck or SUV and occasionally gets stuck in the mud, sand, or snow? Then help keep them out of a big hole this holiday season by gifting them with the oneBubba Rope and only Bubba Rope.

Why Bubba Rope?

Many have tried to imitate it, but there’s only one Bubba Rope and it makes a great holiday gift. Featuring Original Power Stretch technology, Bubba Rope was designed for tough military vehicles and can handle the heaviest of trucks in the biggest of ditches. It’s a real lifesaver for your truck or SUV and a must have in the truck bed. It’s the only snatch rope that is made from a vinyl rope with armor coating and our trademarked Gator-ize® coat of protection which makes the Bubba Rope stronger than any other kinetic ropes or recovery straps on the market.

What Makes Bubba Rope the Best?

More than just a good ol’ mudders rope, Bubba Rope possesses the following qualities:

  • Made in the USA
  • Built to last from military specifications
  • 100% Gator-ized, double-braided nylon rope
  • Durable flexibility
  • Water and UV resistance

Each Bubba Rope also includes a free mesh carrying case to help keep your rope in top condition.

Power Gain Technology

Unique to the Bubba Rope, the special Power Gain Technology allows the Bubba Rope to stretch evenly to distribute the weight bearing load across the entire rope for greater pulling power. This helps it to perform better at pulling your truck out of the muck.

Don’t Forget the Bubba Accessories

Bubba Rope is not just ropes. Bubba Rope offers solutions for truck owners in need of tow straps, tree huggers, rachet tie-downs, and much more. You can also extend the life of your Bubba Rope with a Bubba Rope Life Guard. The Bubba Life Guard is a great accessory for your Bubba Rope. It prevents your rope from direct contact with hard, abrasive surfaces.

A Size for Everyone

Need help choosing the best rope? We suggest that you multiply the total weight of your truck by 3.5 or 4 and then choose the Bubba Rope that has a threshold equal or above that number.

At Certified Slings & Supply, we offer an exclusive supply of Bubba Ropes products and accessories and we are always on hand to help answer any sizing questions you may have via phone or email. To find the right Bubba Rope for you or a loved one in time for the holidays, contact Certified Slings today at 1-800-486-5542 or visit our website to learn more about all the Bubba Ropes on your list.

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