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D-Rings, Woodbeam Sockets, Tie-Offs, Logistic E-Tracks and Utility Straps

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Tie-Downs, Logistic Straps, Interior Cargo Bars and Decking Beams

Track Strap D-Rings

Designed for use with 2’ logistic straps.


2” Woodbeam Sockets

Designed for use with standard commercial grade 2” x 6’ lumber.


2” Rope Tie-Offs

Designed to be used with rope or cordage for interior van applications. Breaking Strength: 2,000 lbs. Working Load Limit: 830 lbs. Length: 6”


Logistic E-Tracks

These horizontal and vertical mounting tracks may be attached with screws, rivets or welds. 12 Gauge Steel, 10’ Length, Prime Painted.

Horizontal: ETH120

Vertical: ETV220

1” Utility Straps

Certified Slings & Supply® offers a complete line of 1” ratchet or cam buckle utility straps. Utility straps are ideal for trailers, vans, pick-up trucks, car top racks, boat and motorcycle tie-downs or anywhere a strong tie-down is needed for loose items.

S-Hook Cam Buckle Utility Strap1CB9SS

S-Hook Ratchet Buckle Utility Strap


Wire Hook Cam Buckle Utility Strap


Wire Hook Ratchet Buckle Utility Strap


Type End HW Len. (ft.) Mfg. # CSI Ref. # Br. Str. (lbs.) WLL (lbs.)
S-Hook Cam Buckle 9 1CB9SS CS-05-0657 1,200 400
15 1CB15SS CS-05-0658
Ratchet Buckle 9 1RA9SS CS-05-0659
15 1RA15SS CS-05-0660
Wire Hook Cam Buckle 9 1CB9HK CS-05-0661 2,500 835
15 1CB15HK CS-05-0662
Ratchet Buckle 9 1RA9HK CS-05-0663
15 1RA15HK CS-05-0664

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