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5 Rules for Safe Rigging

Rigging is a crucial aspect in industrial applications involving the relocation of heavy loads and equipment. When performing a rigging task, workers’ safety should be of the utmost concern. Inappro…

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The Advantages of Using Dynamometers in Rigging and Lifting

A dynamometer is a load-indicating device used to measure force, torque, and power. The tool is often used to test the power of a car engine. Such tests allow engineers to maximize efficiency by measu…

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Advantages of Using Synthetic Slings

Overhead lifting slings are used in operations that utilize rigging supplies, hoists, cranes, and crane wire ropes. Various materials are used to manufacture overhead lifting slings, with the common o…

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OSHA’s Rules and Requirements for Ladder Safety

As common as they are in the workplace, ladders should not be overlooked as an everyday job site hazard. In fact, falls from portable ladders are among the leading causes of occupational injuries and …

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How to Choose the Right Synthetic Sling for Your Application

Synthetic slings (also known as web slings) are made of nylon, polyester, or any other high-performance flat webbing material. They have become an essential part of lifting and moving heavy objects an…

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Key Responsibilities of a Qualified Signal Person

A qualified signal person is one of the most important members of a crane operator’s team. With their precise communication skills and arsenal of efficient hand and voice signals, these dedicated prof…

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The Difference Between a Winch and a Hoist

Telling the difference between a winch and a hoist can be a daunting task for someone unfamiliar with lifting and rigging equipment. To be fair, the subtle differences between the look of the two devi…

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How Fall Protection Training Saves Lives

Falls account for the most fatal occupational hazards in construction-related industries. Until recently, most employers assumed that their fall protection equipment was fall-proof, only to realize th…

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Top Tips for Rigging Equipment Safety

Rigging, like anything else in the construction industry, requires a strong sense of risk assessment and risk reduction. Following safety guidelines, however, reduces the chances of employee injuries …

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Give the Gift of Bubba Rope for the Holidays

Know a friend or family member who likes to off-road with their truck or SUV and occasionally gets stuck in the mud, sand, or snow? Then help keep them out of a big hole this holiday season by gifting…

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