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Benefits of Slingmax’s Check-Fast Inspection System

Also known as the Check-Fast Inspection System, the Slingmax Check-Fast Inspection System is designed to improve on-the-job safety by offering simple, speedy, and reliable sling inspection. No longer does inspecting a sling require labor-intensive techniques and subjective guesswork that can be unreliable. The Check-Fast Inspection System saves valuable time and ensures job site safety by making sling inspection easier and faster before and after each use.

External Warning Indicator (EWI)

The Check-Fast External Warning Indicator measures each sling’s safety with a “GO/NO-GO” inspection device. A visible string that hangs next to the sling tag, the EWI provides objective pass/fail criteria that clearly indicates to the sling inspector whether or not the internal load-bearing core yarns may be damaged or are in good condition. For example, if a sling is severely overloaded beyond its capacity rating, the EWI is designed to retract before the sling fails. If the EWI isn’t visible, the sling is a “NO-GO.”

The Check-Fast Inspection System’s External Warning Indicator can also detect:

  • ultraviolet (UV) light degradation
  • fiber-on-fiber abrasion
  • sling fatigue

Check-Fast System-Equipped Slings

Slingmax single-path slings are high-performance roundslings built to industry leading standards. They are the only single-path roundslings to feature an overload indicator courtesy of the Check-Fast Inspection System. The dependable slings are available in two options:

  • High Performance K-Spec Fiber Round Slings with optional fiber optic inspection
  • Polyester Round Slings with a polyester cover and polyester core yarn

Convenient Color-Coded Covers

While each single-path sling includes a Covermax cover (the most durable cover for any synthetic sling) the single-path polyester roundsling’s Covermax covers are color coded based on their capacity rating. From SPF 300 (purple) to SPF 2200 (blue), the sling color-coding allows crewmembers to quickly gauge the sling’s load capacity for each specific lift. Sling covers SPF 2600 and above are green.

Experienced Sling Providers

Slingmax’s Check-Fast Inspection System makes it easier than ever to inspect your slings. As authorized Slingmax® dealers, Certified Slings and Supply® offers a variety of durable and dependable slings, from fiber and polyester to single and twin path. To learn more about our products and services, give us a call today at 1-800-486-5542.


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