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Advantages of Using Synthetic Slings

Overhead lifting slings are used in operations that utilize rigging supplies, hoists, cranes, and crane wire ropes. Various materials are used to manufacture overhead lifting slings, with the common ones being alloy chains flat synthetic slingand synthetic slings. Versatile and durable, synthetic slings offer many benefits to heavy industries such as mining, shipping, and construction.

Benefits of Using Synthetic Slings

Offering several advantages for hoisting, lifting, and rigging applications, synthetic slings are known to be:

  • Lightweight – Since synthetic slings are lightweight, they are attractive for most lifting applications. They are also easy to transport within the premises and from one site to another.
  • Extremely Flexible – Synthetic slings are made from flexible fibers, which make them tightly grip unevenly contoured loads with ease. This property also makes them most suitable for handling fragile objects without crushing or scratching them.
  • Custom-Made – Synthetic slings can be custom-made to suit the unique needs of an application. They can be custom-made to the exact strength and length/width needed.
  • Abrasion and Cut Resistant – Synthetic slings are manufactured using strong synthetic fibers with an added abrasion-resistant layer. This property makes them suitable for lifting objects with cornered or sharp edges (if used with appropriate edge protectors or cushioning).
  • Chemical Resistant – Depending on the fiber material and quality, synthetic slings may have varying degrees of chemical resistance. For instance, nylon slings are resistant to alkaline environments, whereas polyester slings are resistant to acidic chemicals.
  • Quick to Deploy – To deploy a synthetic sling, all you need to do is uncoil it, inspect for visual damage, and confirm the working loading capacity.
  • Strong – Synthetic strings can be manufactured to be exceptionally strong and lift tons of loads with ease.
  • Versatile – You can use synthetic slings for virtually all lifting applications in the mining, shipping, construction, and other heavy industries.
  • Affordable – Synthetic slings are more affordable compared to alloy chain slings.
  • Durable – Synthetic slings do not decay as natural fibers do. They also do not rust as chain slings often do.

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