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Qualified Person

Duration: 4 days (up to 32 hours)

Price: $3,370.00

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The Qualified Person training provides the fall protection knowledge necessary to design and put into place fall protection systems including anchor systems, horizontal systems and vertical systems. While this is a very intensive program which deals with the engineering and design issues of fall protection it should be noted that it is not a structural engineering degree program which requires years of study and practice to complete. Structural building design necessary for building structural analysis while discussed as a necessary component is not taught as a component of the curriculum. It would be irresponsible of DBI-SALA to represent that adequate instruction could be presented in 40 hours to have the attendees complete a base building certification (which should only be completed by a professional engineer specializing in structural engineering). As such we include a section on contracting necessary resources so that those individuals who are not structural engineers or who do not have those resources within their company can complete the design process.

Style: The Fall Protection Qualified Person course is a combination of theory and practice, building upon a solid base of practical fall protection and expanding upon the design and implementation of fall protection systems. Hands-on scenarios will reinforce the theories taught in the fall protection skills portion. Practical exercises in design will provide an opportunity for participants to put the theories presented into practice. The use of Excel spreadsheets will assist the participants in the design of horizontal systems however; the theory behind the spreadsheet will play a greater role in the course. This is a very involved course, which will expand beyond the skill basics of fall protection and provide the necessary knowledge basis for the development and implementation of fall protection systems.

Recommended Attendance: Professional engineers, designers and/or safety professionals or other key personnel that may be required to design and implement fall protection systems on site. This course will include design and engineering calculations, which will require a significant level of mathematic and physics background. It is recommended that participants have some form of design and/or engineering background.


  • OSHA regulations relating to Fall Protection
  • Fall Protection Theory and Practice
  • Development and implementation of Fall Protection plans and programs
  • Role of the qualified person
  • Hazard identification and assessment
  • Legislation and standards relevant to design
  • Due diligence and design liability
  • Understanding your limitations and choosing the right professionals
  • Clearance calculations
  • Swing fall
  • Vertical fall arrest systems, consideration and calculations
  • Design requirements for single point anchorages
  • Vertical shock absorption
  • Horizontal fall arrest systems
  • Pre-engineered Systems
  • Horizontal lifelines vs. Horizontal beam and trolley
  • Sag and pre-tension
  • Calculation of anchorage requirements
  • Horizontal anchorage design considerations
  • Inline energy absorption
  • Beam and trolley design consideration

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