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4 Keys to Fall Protection Safety

If you’ve ever worked on a dangerous jobsite, you know how important it is to ensure safety for everyone involved in a job. One of the most important aspects of staying safe in dangerous areas? Fall protection safety.

Here are 4 keys to mitigating the risk of falls on the job and staying safe through all aspects of dangerous work.

Make Sure Everyone is Well Trained

One of the most important aspects of fall protection is ensuring that all team members working at height know exactly what they’re doing and how to operate their equipment. If your workers don’t, make sure they undergo thorough training before they put themselves at risk.  Ask Certified Slings & Supply® for help if you aren’t sure where to begin—our team can meet with you and discuss training options to best meet your needs.

Regularly Inspect All Equipment

While OSHA and ANSI are specific regarding frequency of inspections of harnesses and wearable safety equipment, always inspect all equipment in use before putting yourself or your coworkers in danger.  All fall protection must be inspected prior to each use by the user and annually by a competent person other than the user.

Exercise Strong Communication on the Job

Communication is important in any industry, but when someone is working at height, maintaining proper lines of communication can be the difference between an accident and staying safe on the jobsite.  Strong communication not only means teamwork and fall protection training but also having a rescue plan in place and educating your team on how to handle emergencies.  Good training at competent level or higher should include hands-on rescue practice so your team stays confident and calm in an emergency.

Use the Highest Quality Fall Protection Harnesses

The number one key to providing for fall protection safety on the job is to use the best fall protection harnesses for the job.  This doesn’t mean the most expensive: many harnesses are designed for safety and comfort while performing specific tasks, such as tower work, utility work, climbing with tools, etc.  Certified Slings & Supply® can review options to help you choose the best harness for YOU.

Fortunately, Certified Slings & Supply® has a whole line of thoroughly tested equipment that can ensure the safety of your workers on the job. For more information, call Certified Slings & Supply® at 1-800-486-5542.

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