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Polyester Round Slings

Round slings are endless in configuration and are constructed from endless yarns of 100% polyester fiber encased in a tough double wall polyester woven tube. Round slings are superior in their ability to conform to the shape of the load and may be used in all three types of hitches.

Check-Fast® Polyester Roundslings

US Patent #7,661,737 CA 2,547,632 EP #1899255

This is the only single-path, polyester roundsling with an overload indicator. The SPF sling has a color coded polyester cover.

Single-Path Polyester with Check-Fast® Inspection - click on color column for product listing.

Color Mfg. # CSI Ref. # Rated Capacities (lbs.) Approx.
(Lbs. per Ft.)
Vertical Choker Vertical Basket Basket Hitches
Vertical Choker 90°
Basket 0 deg
Basket 60 deg
Basket 45 deg
Purple SPF 300 CS-04-2533 3,000 2,400 6,000 5,196 4,242 0.30 2.5 View
Green SPF 600 CS-04-2535 6,000 4,800 12,000 10,392 8,484 0.48 2.5 View
Yellow SPF 900 CS-04-2536 9,000 7,200 18,000 15,588 12,726 0.70 2.5 View
Gray SPF 1200 CS-04-2537 12,000 9,600 24,000 20,784 16,968 0.90 3 View
Red SPF 1400 CS-04-2538 14,000 11,200 28,000 24,248 19,796 0.95 3 View
Brown SPF 1700 CS-04-2539 17,000 13,600 34,000 29,444 24,038 1.20 3 View
Blue SPF 2200 CS-04-2540 22,000 17,600 44,000 38,104 31,108 1.40 3 View

Check-Fast® Inspection System

Also known as the Fast® System
Patent #7,661,737 Foreign Patents Pending

The Check-Fast® System is designed to improve job-site safety. The Fast® Tag and External Warning Indicator (EWI) on a round sling product provides for a pass/fail inspection of the internal load bearing core yarn. Damage to the core yarn from ultraviolet (UV) light degradation, fiber on fiber abrasion, fatigue, and severe overload can be detected. If the sling is mistakenly overloaded beyond rated capacity, the EWI is designed to disappear before the sling fails. The sling inspector now has a GO/NO-GO inspection device rather than relying on a subjective hand-over-hand inspection to make an educated guess if the load bearing core yarns are in good condition. This safety system is available for High Performance K-Spec® Fiber Round Slings or polyester round slings fabricated by Certified Slings, an authorized Slingmax® Dealer.

CheckFast System

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